Business Engagement Intern
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Business Engagement Intern

Posted on 22-Jun-2020 by West Nipissing Chamber of Commerce
Location Nipissing, West Nipissing

Job Description:

The West Nipissing Chamber of Commerce (WNCC) is looking to hire a youth intern to assist in developing a Business Visitation Program which will entail determining the needs of local businesses and developing opportunities to meet those needs.

This role is a full-time, 1 year contract that is being funded through a grant by Fednor.

The key responsibilities for this position include:

· Developing and conducting a Business Visitation program, including setting targets, developing a schedule and a communication program
· Developing a survey for on-line and in-person deployment
· Analyzing survey responses, including identification of key trends, issues and opportunities to better meet the needs of businesses in West Nipissing
· Developing recommendations for new programs, workshops and benefits to offer members of the business community based on survey responses
· Assisting in the development of enhanced WNCC programs, events and workshops
· Supporting the development and delivery of new events and programs identified as part of the visitation program
· Developing a plan to ensure the Business Visitation program is maintained and deployed over the long-term

Eligible Youth Internship Criteria:

a) Candidate must be unemployed or underemployed and under the age of 30
b) Candidate must have graduated within the last three (3) years with a degree, diploma or certificate
c) Candidate must not be related to members of the directors, officers or managers of the WNCC
d) Candidate must be legally entitled to work in Canada
e) Candidate must not have previously participated as a youth intern in any of FedNor’s Programs or in any other federal or provincial internship program with pay for a period of six (6) months or more

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