Care Provider - Unregulated
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Care Provider - Unregulated

Posted on 28-Aug-2020 by Serenity Senior Residence
Location Parry Sound, Town of Parry Sound

Job Description:

If you have a passion for seniors and want to make the difference in the lives of others, than we have an amazing and rewarding opportunity for you in an Unregulated Care Provider role.

At Serenity Seniors Residence, we offer a vibrant lifestyle that encourages health and independence through innovative, recreational, educational and wellness programs for our family of seniors.

We are seeking an individual who will be an addition to our existing compassionate team.

We are looking for the following:

Reports to: Director of Care (DOC)


1. Experience working with seniors preferred.
2. Good physical and mental health and free from communicable disease.
3. Certified in CPR and First Aid recommended.
4. Good understanding of the nursing process
5. Good written and verbal communication skills.
6. Willingness to update and keep current their knowledge of changing regulations, practices and procedures.
7. PSW certification, if applicable.
8. Successful completion of initial and annual medication administration training and sign off by DOC/designate.

Physical Demands:

  • Standing for long periods of time.
  • Walking short distances and up/down staircases.

3. Able to complete all physical aspects of job requirements.

  • Reading/seeing documentation both in paper format and on a computer screen.
  • Hearing differences in phone ring tones and/or in fire system horns or alerts for emergency response purposes.
  • Speaking/communicating to individuals with impairments and disabilities.

Job Description: Medication Administration

1. The UCP is responsible for providing the highest degree of quality care and services by administering medication and treatments in a safe organized manner by law and in accordance with prevailing practices as set out by the pharmacy.
2. Reviews, reads, documents and communicates pertinent information about residents.
3. Receives medication updates.
4. Administers/assists/observes medications and treatments for each resident using the medication administration record (MAR).
5. Medications are passed according to times as directed by the residence and/or physician’s order.
6. Documents and initials as medications are given; appropriate documentation is completed for refusal or missed doses.
7. Maintains confidentiality of all resident information including resident medication among other residents.
8. Notifies the Direct of Care of any resident concerns.
9. Checks all medications prior to administration using the "8 rights" for medication administration (right route, right resident, right medication, right dose, etc.)
10. Provides PRN ("as needed") medications as requested by the resident as per physician's order.
11. Counts all narcotics with another UCP or nurse at the beginning and end of every shift.
12. Refills resident medications as required and as per the prescription refill process.
13. Responsible for safekeeping of drug and narcotic keys.
14. Other duties as assigned.

Job Description: Resident Care

1. Notifies the Director of Care of any resident and/or family concerns.
2. Attends and actively participates in daily communication meetings
3. Provides feedback in the assessment of every resident and in the development of Care Plan.
4. Answers call bells when necessary.
5. Observe and report any resident changes in condition
6. Complete nursing documentation if applicable as per residence policies and guidelines.
7. Deals courteously with staff, residents, resident families and visitors.
8. Helps residents maintain independence, promotes dignity and physical safety of each resident.
9. Gather and launder residents’ personal laundry if there is a contract in place for residence to do personal laundry. Follow best practices for infection control of laundering
10. Strives to understand and respond to each resident with empathy, always remaining mindful of the resident’s unique communication patterns, history and basic human needs.
11. Assist with monthly blood pressures and weights as assigned.
12. Provide emergency first aid/nursing care until appropriate medical care is available.
13. Assist with resident admissions and discharges when required.
14. Assist residents with ADL’s as per the care plan with the utmost respect and dignity
15. Assist with any other duties as directed by the Director of Care.

Job Description: Risk Management and General Safety

1. Partners with community team to ensure community is in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety requirements and promotion of Risk Management programs and/or policies; adherence to safety rules and regulations.
2. Practices safety procedures at all times including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), fire safety procedures including extinguishers (as applicable), SDSs (Safety Data Sheets) and Lockout Tagout procedures.
3. Reports all accidents/incidents immediately.
4. Reports all unsafe and hazardous conditions/equipment immediately.
5. Complies with all infection control techniques, placement of bio-hazard containers and removal techniques, procedures and policies.
6. Participates in Fire Safety and Mock Disaster procedures.

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