Heavy Equipment Operator - Excavator
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Heavy Equipment Operator - Excavator

Posted on 30-Mar-2021 by Bruman Construction Inc.
Location Nipissing, North Bay

Job Description:

Job Objective: To excavate land, load earth into trucks, unload structures and pipe. Dig trenches. Lay pipe in ground. Cut earth to grade.

Tools/Safety equipment: Track shovel, window cleaner/paper towels. Grease, grease gun. CSA safety work boots, safety vest, hard hat, gloves, hearing protection.


· Follow safe operating guidelines
· Follow company Health and Safety policy, workplace policies, procedures and rules
· Perform daily circle checks and report and problems to foreman
· Communicate with foreman, laborers and other operators verbally and with hand signals
· Make sure all utilities are hand dug before digging
· To work efficiently and meet deadlines
· Work under pressure and surrounding hazards
· Maintain daily maintenance of machine
· Work in a variety of weather conditions being exposed to different elements
· Proper housekeeping of mirrors and windows for visibility
· No smoking in machine
· Excavate land and cut grade
· Load trucks with earth, gravel or material
· Unload manholes and pipe from flatbeds
· Dig trenches for pipe
· Lock and turn off master switch at the end of each shift

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