Property Maintenance Worker
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Property Maintenance Worker

Posted on 10-Sep-2020 by Serenity Seniors Residence
Location Parry Sound, Town of Parry Sound

Job Description:


If you have a passion for seniors and want to make the difference in the lives of others, than we have an amazing and rewarding opportunity for you in a Maintenance role.

At Serenity Seniors Residence, we offer a vibrant lifestyle that encourages health and independence through innovative, recreational, educational and wellness programs for our family of seniors.

We are currently in the process of licensing to become a Retirement Home to allow us to provide more services to our family of seniors. We are seeking a special individual to assist with the licensing process who will be capable of Implementing and carrying forward the necessary policies and procedures.

We are seeking an individual who will be an addition to our existing compassionate team.

We are looking for the following:

Reports to: General Manager


1. Must have good communication skills with Residents and their families, and will follow a co-operative and helpful attitude with them
2. Must be familiar with the OHSA, and the Retirement Homes Act
3. Experience in a maintenance position with an employer requiring similar services
4. Some training in repair trades such as electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, etc. would be desirable


1. Maintaining the building and grounds in good operating condition.

Job Description:

1. General repairs to buildings, equipment and furnishings.
2. General decorating of rooms and other areas including painting, flooring and surface repairs.
3. Maintaining the effectiveness of building mechanical, electrical and fire detection and safety systems.
4. Making minor adjustments to the building mechanical, electrical and fire systems as deemed necessary.
5. Routine surveillance of grounds, including parking lots. Maintain the grounds in a neat and tidy fashion.
6. Maintain a high level of safety and security for Residents, Staff, visitors, guests.
7. Maintain and incorporate the preventive maintenance program as per the RHRA standards and requirements.

Job Description - Specific Duties:

1. Selection and acquisition of maintenance supplies and their efficient, effective and safe use.
2. Keep records on building utilities consumed, repairs and adjustments made.
3. Acquire and maintain files of operating manuals and other data pertaining to all furnishings and equipment.
4. Maintain an adequate inventory of maintenance supplies for day-to-day use.
5. Maintain security of the building, contents, and the well-being of the residents.
6. Selection and recommending the acquisition of maintenance equipment and the storage of same.
7. To work in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act by:
i. Using or wearing the equipment, protective devices or clothing that is required to be used
ii. Reporting the absence of, or defect in, any equipment or protective device of which she/he is aware and may endanger herself/himself or another worker
iii. Reporting to the employer any contravention of the Act or the regulations or the existence of any hazards of which she/he knows.
8. Completes routinely scheduled preventative maintenance procedures to ensure:
a) the safe operation of equipment and building systems;
b) the proper operation of fire safety equipment; and,
c) that compliance is met with the applicable legislation.

This includes regular inspection, evaluation and appropriate documentation records of the physical condition of the care community/residence and its contents, as well as the external grounds.

  • Acts as a liaison for the care community/residence, communicates with outside contracted service providers to ensure work is completed as required and contracts are maintained appropriately. Works with outside agencies to ensure that inspections and investigations are completed in accordance with appropriate legislation and authoritative bodies.
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